2017-21 - Email Marketing - review, proposals & implementation

Email marketer for MattressOnline

MattressOnline is an e-commerce business that sells, you guessed it… mattresses! They also sell beds and other accessories.

I currently work full time as a digital marketer at MattressOnline, and I’ve been leading their email marketing strategy for the past 4 years. Read on to find out more about the work and results we’ve achieved together!

Top email marketing benefits for MattressOnline

Here are a few headline results from the past 4 years:

  • Over £1.5million in revenue
  • 55% increase in email conversion rate
  • 35% increase in open rate
  • 30% increase in click rate
  • 10% decrease in unsubscribe rate

Read on to find out how we achieved these results together!

Evaluating strengths & areas of opportunity for our current email marketing strategy

When I first arrived at MattressOnline, we did some email marketing campaigns but weren’t making the most out of email as a channel for engagements and revenue.

My first port of call was to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our brand and current email marketing plan.


  • Large email audience through past purchases
  • Previous campaigns generally saw positive results
  • Wide range of products that could feature as email campaigns
  • A great content strategy that can be repurposed for email

Opportunities for growth

  • A lot of our audience wasn’t engaging with us
  • We didn’t have a signup form for those who hadn’t yet purchased
  • Mattresses are typically bought every 7 years - how do we keep customers engaged

Email marketing plan for MattressOnline

Based on MattressOnline’s strengths & weaknesses, here were my main proposals:

  1. Add a signup form for those who haven’t yet purchased
  2. Set up automated welcome, aftercare and abandoned cart email flows
  3. Set up a calendar of campaigns with at least 1 email send per week
  4. Clean up designs & perform continuous testing

Add a signup for none-purchasers

My first proposal was to encourage more non-purchasers to sign up. I suggested three ways to do this:

  1. Place signup forms on most visited pages & offer an incentive to signup
  2. Insert a pop-up signup form when a user is leaving the site
  3. Insert a pop-up when a user has scrolled through more than half of particular pages

Set up automated campaigns (welcome, aftercare & abandoned cart flows)

The second proposal was to set up automated campaigns that provide real value for our audience. These automated flows include:

  • Welcome emails (opens up our brand)
  • Product support emails (opportunity for cross-selling)
  • Abandoned cart emails (help boost conversions with an incentive to buy)

Example automated email campaign

Create a calendar of email campaigns (at least 1 a week)

Because mattresses are typically only purchased every 7 years, we needed a way to keep our audience engaged.

My proposal was to send at least 1 campaign a week that covers one of 3 styles:

1. Brand-building

This could be an email campaign showing our charity work, or more about the story behind MattressOnline.

These types of campaigns increase the chances of our audience buying into the brand.

2. Lifestyle

MattressOnline is well-positioned to talk about all things sleep, and we do on our blog! We can repurpose those content pieces to provide useful sleep advice to our audience.

3. Transactional

Transactional campaigns are more product related. We should segment these for parts of our audience we think are ready to purchase.

These campaigns could be anything from the latest sale campaign to a product that’s new.

Example calendar campaign

Clean up email designs & perform continuous segmentation and testing

As part of our email strategy, we continued to improve our designs, segmentation and testing to achieve greater results.

We’re now in a position where we have on-brand designs and results to show what our audience engages most with.

It’s safe to say we will continue our testing to further improve our performance.

Example email design and segmentation

Email results so far

Although our strategy is still a work in progress, we’ve seen some really good results so far!

  • Delivered over £1.5million in revenue
  • Conversion rate has increased by 55%
  • Open and click engagements are up 30%
  • Unsubscribe rate is down 10%

Let the results continue!

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